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AAAI-91 News Release

For Immediate Release

Contact: Elizabeth Shook, Franz Inc., (415) 548-3600
	 Gary Roberts, Symbolics, Inc., (617) 221-1000


(July 15, 1991 -- Anaheim, CA) Symbolics, Inc. and Franz Inc. 
have announced the formation of a technology alliance to provide 
Common Lisp applications development through Symbolics Consulting Group.
Symbolics and Franz will pursue consulting and contract opportunities
jointly, assisting customers in deploying applications on a variety of
platforms. Franz will supply its Unix(r)-based Lisp technology to
Symbolics Consulting Group who will continue to provide customer
applications on both Lisp Machines and Unix workstations.  Franz will
also support the Consulting Group by providing compiler expertise and
assistance with application performance tuning.

Fritz Kunze, President of Franz Inc., said, "This alliance brings
together the sophisticated development tools of Symbolics' Genera(r)
and the Unix-based delivery technology of Franz' Allegro CL(r) and
puts them in the hands of some of the industry's leading applications

Symbolics selected Franz Inc. for its proven track record in customer
support combined with its contributions to Common Lisp technology.
Symbolics and Franz previously collaborated in developing and
promoting CLIM(tm), the industry standard user interface management

Saiid Zarrabian, Vice President of Development and Consulting at
Symbolics, Inc. stated, "Symbolics' corporate mission is to provide
the best development and prototyping tools for the software
engineering community.  The mission of Symbolics Consulting Group is
to leverage these tools to provide the best solutions possible to
customers with tough application problems.  Our relationship with
Franz opens up a whole new area of the market for us by allowing us to
serve customers who must run their applications within a Unix
workstation environment."

Symbolics Consulting Group is an operational division of Symbolics,
Inc. that applies advanced technology to solve business problems that
are too complex for conventional software approaches.  The Consulting
Group provides services in the areas of systems planning, application
development and feasibility analysis for the development and
deployment of advanced information systems.

Symbolics, Inc., headquartered in Burlington, Mass., is a leading
supplier of Lisp-based workstations and object-oriented software used
in sophisticated applications including interactive scheduling and
planning, hypertext-based publishing, computer-aided mathematical
computing and HDTV-based graphics imaging and processing.

Franz Inc. was founded in 1984 by affiliates of the Computer Science
Department at the University of California at Berkeley, including
original developers of Franz Lisp and BSD Unix. Franz is the leading
vendor of Common Lisp-based development environments for Unix
workstations.  Products include Allegro CL 4.1 with CLOS and Allegro
Composer, an interactive, windows-based development environment.
Franz' products are sold and supported worldwide through Franz' direct
sales force and distribution partners.  Customers include
universities, research institutions, government agencies, and Fortune
500 companies.

For more information, contact Symbolics, Inc., Consulting Group, 8 New
England Executive Park East, Burlington, MA 01803, (617) 221-1000; or
Franz Inc., 1995 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704, (415)
548-3600, fax (415) 548-8253.

Allegro CL, Allegro Composer, and Allegro Presto are trademarks or
registered trademarks of Franz Inc. Symbolics is a trademark and
Genera is a registered trademark of Symbolics, Inc. CLIM is a
trademark of International Lisp Associates. Unix is a trademark of
UNIX Systems Laboratories, Inc.