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UX400 Save World problem

    Date: Tue, 6 Aug 1991 16:59 EDT
    From: swink@rigas.tisl.ukans.edu (Michael T. Swink)

    To Everyone:

	 We have a new UX400 and are trying to set up Genera 8.0.1 on it.  It is 
    attached up to a SUN running SunOS 4.1.  The instalation goes fine until the
    Define Site stage is reached.  After entering the appropriate information, 
    Genera creates the Namespace files and all is well (every command now works
    perfectly).  However, when a Save World (Incremental) is then performed
    the system gives this error in the cold load stream:
    (STEPHENS is the SUN the the UX400 board is mounted on.)

      STEPHENS does no support FILE service through any locally supported protocol.
      It supports only TCP-FTP via TCP, NFS via UDP, NFS via UDP.
      The local host supports only NFS via UDP, TCP-FTP via TCP, TFTP via UDP, QFILE    via CHAOS, NFILE via BYTE-STREAM-WITH-MARK.
      No path could be found for TCP-FTP via TCP, NFS via UDP, NFS via UDP.
      Use protocol TFTP on medium UDP (Y or N) Yes.
      STEPHENS does not support FILE service through any locally supported protocal.  ...
      Use protocol NFILE on medium TCP? (Y or N) Yes.

The error message is completely wrong about what the problem is.  Notice
that the list of protocols that STEPHENS supports overlaps with the list
that the local host supports.  This indicates that the problem isn't
with the protocol layer, but with the network layer -- Genera doesn't
think that the local host and STEPHENS are on the same logical network
(so even though they both talk NFS over UDP, they can't connect using
that protocol).

Check the namespace entries for STEPHENS and the UX400, and make sure
that they both have addresses on the INTERNET network.  Make sure there
aren't any "DIS|" or "DISTRIBUTION|" prefixes on any of the names in the

Since you say that everything works fine after the Define Site (I assume
you tried other commands that try to access files on STEPHENS), I kind
of doubt that is the problem, though.  It sounds more like Genera is
trying to access STEPHENS after it has shut down the network (the fact
that the error occurs on the cold load stream supports this).  It would
be helpful if you could generate a backtrace showing what file it is
trying to access; normally, the only file that is accessed during Save
World is the world load file in the FEP file system.  Yes, the FEPFS
actually lives on STEPHENS; however, Genera doesn't access it using the
generic network system, it uses lower level routines that communicate
directly with the ivory-disk life support process (you really wouldn't
want page faults to go through all the layers of the Genera network
software (for one thing, it would require wiring it all, since you can't
take page faults in the page fault handler)).