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recursively deleting files/directories

    Date: Wed, 7 Aug 91 13:56:54 -0600
    From: drstrip@cs.sandia.gov (David R. Strip)

    Now that I'm finally getting around to loading the 8.1 sources, etc,
    I want/need to delete the 8.0 sources. If I do
    Delete File >rel8>**>*.*.* :expunge yes
    I get rid of all the files, but not the directories. Of course,
    if you repeat this n times, where n is the max depth of the 
    directory tree you can clean out everything, but I keep thinking
    there must be a magical incantation to do the job right in the
    first place. I looked around the docs, but can't find anything
    that appears to be the right thing. Of course, I might be looking
    in the wrong place. Thanks.

Ive got a hack that does this and lots of other neat things in the
fsedit pane, but the version I have was written for the old release of
FSedit. It works, though, in my 8.0 world.  

If you don't mind using the old fesedit commands instead of the new one,
I'll send it to you.  Others who want it can send me a query for it.  If
you have a place to put it for anonymous FTP retrieval, please stick it
there, as I am on a dailnet backwater and can't offer that to people.

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