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Symbolics & Ciscos

    Date: Thu, 8 Aug 1991 11:22 EDT
    From: %nrb.be%mcsun.EU.net@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM

    Date: Thu, 8 Aug 91 14:37+0100
    From: Vincent Keunen <keunen@milou.nrb.be>
    Subject: Symbolics & Ciscos
    Message-ID: <19910808133722.4.KEUNEN@milou.nrb.be>
    Has anyone out there ever tried to access a cisco router from a
    symbolics?  We were wondering what the best way to do this would be
    (scripting the telnet terminal, going thru a vax with cterm then to the
    cisco, writing new services on top of tcp/ip, using SNMP - but as I
    understand, there is nothing about SNMP from Symbolics).
    Also, does anyone have any code for SNMP and/or for scripting a
I started writing an SNMP library for Genera, but didn't get very far.
My mistake was getting bogged down in writing a general purpose ASN.1
library (I was trying to do a complete substrate, the way the folks at
Symbolics do).

Also, I was trying to find a good parser-generator for Lisp, to write
the MIB compiler with, but never did.  I got really excited when I saw
the C/Pascal/Fortran compilers on the 8.1 CD-ROM, because they include a
very nice parser generator, but then I discovered that they didn't
include the lexer generator with it, so it's nearly useless to me.

It really would be nice if Symbolics provided SNMP facilities in Genera.
The Symbolics environment would be great for development of an
intelligent network management station.