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trouble with nfs to remotely mounted Unix file systems

We're having some trouble getting the lispm to access files on a Unix
file system. The directories in question are symbolic links to
automounted, exported/foreign file systems. That is, the path I want
to use is:


which is a symbolic link to


where /net/elsewhere is a foreign, exported file system (which lives
on, say, host2) that's been automounted on host1.

The lispm will not let me access this directory -- I get a protection
error, though the directory is not protected (I can, for instance,
access files with this path if I'm logged in to host1).

What's going on here? Is this a lispm nfs client bug? Is something
wrong with my site such that the lispm is not doing automounting when
it should?

Please send or cc replies to me directly (rshapiro@arris.com). Thanks