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trouble with nfs to remotely mounted Unix file systems

>[context -- accessing host1:/foo/bar/bazz, which is a symbolic link
> to host1:/net/host2/foo/bar/bazz, which is a local mounting of
> foreign file system host2:/foo/bar/bazz]

>Can you access HOST2:/foo/bar/bazz from the Lispm?  

Yes. I don't want to do this because our sysadm wants the freedom to
move file systems around whenever he needs to. I would prefer to do
all Unix file system access through a single host (host1), and leave
any foreign mounting etc up to that host.

>Are you running Genera 8.0 or 8.1?  

8.0.2 (UX1200) -- if there's an 8.1, we haven't received any word of

>Do you have the NFS-AUTOMOUNT user properties set up properly in HOST1's
>namespace entry?  

I think so. I have it as: 

    NFS-AUTOMOUNT /net -hosts

The Unix host in question invokes automounting via

    automount /net -hosts &&