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Re: bbbbut I don't want bbbbs in my bbbbuffer

>   We finally got our 8.1 tapes. When I load Genera-8-1.load on our 3620s, I
> get a letter 'b in the input buffer. Has anyone else seen this? Any fix?

We've been getting the same thing.  Actually, we get a 'b if we start the machine
with BOOT, and and 'h if we start with HELLO.  Also, I think it so far has only
happened when starting a machine that also as an incremental world save being
included in the boot.  I've seen it on 3620s amd 3630s so far.  Nothing from
Symbolic's yet (It's really not a big direct worry to us - it's what may be going
on behind the scenes that's causing this that summons that indirect what-is-that-large-
boulder-shaped-shadow-around-my-feet-that-keeps-getting-bigger worry.)

... Rick