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Re: network namespaces

>I do not know how MacIvory contacts the name server, but
>On Genera 7.2 and thereafter, Explorer had problems using
>Symbolics namespace: it was something do to with specifying
>strings in Symbolics namespace.  Therefore, you had to have
>Explorer namespace for Explorers.  And, vice versa may be true;
>MacIvory may not be able to contact Explorer namespace server.
>We never had a chance to upgrade our Symbolics beyond 7.0.
>Our Symbolics were given away to the local university.

This response is being composed on an Explorer which uses a Symbolics
namespace server. It has worked fine with Genera 7.2, 8.0.1, and now 8.1.
Also with Explorer system software releases 4.0 and 6.0 (and maybe some in
between. So have its 3 Explorer siblings and 12 Symbolics siblings. So it
can work and work well.