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Re: Moving harddisk

We just moved a 3600 hard disk into a 3670 cabinet. As in your case, the
3600's monitor had died and we were not prepared to spend 2.5-3K$ for
repairs. We had a diskless 3670 sitting around because we could not
declassify its disk. At least not within current security guidelines to the
satisfaction of the local DISCO representative. Cabling was no problem; the
cables are compatible. The 3600 rails and mounts are not compatible with
the 3670 cabinet though.

We have also daisy-chained a pair of 3670 disks (the power supplies were
blown on one). At that point, we did borrow some cables from our Symbolics
field service engineer rather than take the disabled system completely
apart. But I believe that we could have re-used the cables in the dead
3670. There might be a length problem though. I have got my notes around
somewhere on how to connect up a second disk and will share them with you
should you wish. But you might be better off having a Symbolics field
service engineer do it the first time, while you take notes. Just to be

Note: Connecting up a second disk to a 3670 can be done with the standard
I/O cards. Connecting up a third requires an extender or extended card of
some sort. There are two cables involved per disk. One will daisy-chain;
the other has to plug into an I/o card and the standard 3670 card has only
two sockets of the necessary type. At least that is my understanding.

Ah, the things we learn to do keeping senile equipment running on a tight