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Re: Moving harddisk

Ah, yes. Sounds like you got one that hung us up, the displaying of wiped
sectors. Next question: Was the program created by cleared people and has
been treated as a classified document (as per DISCO regulations) ever
since? That is another requirement which hung us up. And he was unhappy
that we could not wipe the BAD-BLOCKS and other special-purpose FEP files
(and allow him to check them). How do you respond to that one?

It was interesting to note that the man from DISCO said there was NO record
of any Symbolics disk EVER having been approved as declassified in his
district (which includes Cambridge and Burlington). Have you any satisfied
customers you can point to?

Also, the last time I checked, Symbolics wanted 2K$ for a declassification
program. To my management, that exceeds the salvage value of a 3670.

All of this is not to put you down. It is just that I had a VERY
embarrassing time with the man from DISCO and want to know if you folks
have really done your homework. If we do spring for the program some time
in the future, I want to know it is acceptable.