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Re: [not about] Moving harddisk

In message entitled "Re: [not about] Moving harddisk" on Aug 23, 
Gooch writes:
> I realize you were just making a joke, but it made me think about how we
> perceive our computers these days.  Ten years old and obsolete, even
> though it still runs like (or better than) brand new and the software is
> the best ever.  I see no real reason to buy an XL<whatever> (sorry about
> that, Symbolics), until such time as I get work involving frame throwers
> or other such stuff that doesn't work in my 36xx machines. [...]

Our attitudes are interesting, I agree. A while back we got an XL1200
with a FrameThrower to provide faster processing and color graphics for
our current program. When I use it, do I think "Gee, this is fast"? Nope.
When I impatiently load an application that takes 10 minutes, do I remember
that it took 5 times longer on a 36xx? Nope. Within days, I was considering it 
"normal", but whenever I use any of my 36xx's I notice how "slowly" they do 
everything. Shows how easily we (or at least I) get spoiled. :-)

					- Marty
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