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Re: Unix from Lispm. [was Symbolics prices (not only in Europe)]

> Date: Tue, 3 Sep 1991 10:55-0400
> From: SWM@SAPSUCKER.SCRC.Symbolics.COM (Scott McKay)
>     Date: Mon, 2 Sep 1991 07:19 EDT
>     From: p2@porter.asl.dialnet.symbolics.com (Peter Paine)
>     On a parallel note, my 3600 console has what looks suspiciously to a
>     68000 based unix processor sleeping in it.
> There's no Unix in it.
> It's used to control the keyboard, mouse, console audio, and console
> serial lines.  It is admittedly overkill to use a 68000 for that.

The newer consoles use a different microprocessor (I forget the brand name)
that is less expensive and more suited to embedded-control applications
such as this.