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ZMACS/TCP Problem?

Is the following a local problem or a Genera problem?
We (consistently, i.e. on every text file) lose character 1458 from the file
when saving a file from ZMACS to our Sun/Unix (4.1.1).  Occasionally, another
character is lost from the files, but it is not consistent (and not
consistent based on size).  Copy file (at the listener level) works
the problem onlys seems to appear from ZMACS.  The size of files where this
occurs ranges from 10K Characters to 78K Characters, file names are different
lengths, and the line on which character 1458 occurs is differrent.  (the
character number was determined by using ^B or ^F, i.e. at the top of the file
^1^4^5^8^F will move the cursor to the character that will be deleted).
We recently converted to Genera 8.1 (after the bug fix for the color system),
all systems are 36XX machines.  Connections to Unix are made using TCP (not
	Keith Price