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Re: Getting microcode files onto a disk

I think you are in luck!  The problem you are having definitely sounds like
what happens when you boot with the wrong microcode.  I presume the 3600 had
the limo-style (thick) cable rather than hirose and you used, say, 3600-mic.mic.

If you have a tape drive on the machine, then you can load the 3670-mic.mic
on top of the 3600-mic.mic file from a tape that has the worlds and
microcodes on it with the FEP's DISK RESTORE command.  (You should have
such a tape.  If not, you can make one on another host via the activity
FEP-TAPE in a running lisp world.)

If you don't have a tape drive on the machine you will either have to
move a tape drive to that machine or connect the disk as FEP1 to another runable