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DIALnet experts: here is your chance =-== P.S.

To show your stuff. We have been going in circles for more time than I
am willing to admit, in trying to get DIALnet working between 2
machines. The current symptom (others have come and gone) is that when
my machine phones his machine, in his machine's mailer log it talks
about my dial in as "1202<phonenumber>" instead of recognizing it as
"athena.pangaro...." etc. Consequently, of course, it does not deliver
the mail I send it. HOWEVER, he can on his machine send mail to
"pan@athena.pangaro..." and it dials me fine. We have checked doc
(although at this stage our bleary eyes could be quite misleading),
tried it differnt ways, reset state, cold booted, and generally are
wasting time at a ridiculous rate. When talking to a subcontractor of
ours about this, his reply was too disparaging of DIALnet code to repeat

Short of offering someone $1000 to fly to Syracuse, drive to a nuclear
power plant in Oswego and debug it for us, any hope? Where is a good
diagnostician when we need one? Any takers, short of the trip? Dinner
for 2 at Loch Obers would not be too much to ask....

P.S. Using the same domain registries, I can send fine to him, he gets
it, etc.