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Clarification of DIALnet problem from previous mail

Thanks to all who replied, I want to try to describe the situation a
little more clearly.

- Machine A at site PANGARO and Machine E at site NMPC both have the
same DIALnet registries, containing phone numbers etc.

- If machine A mails to Bill@e.nmpc.dialnet.symbolics.com, machine A
dials E fine, leaves the messages fine. (In general, the mailer on A was
been working fine under 8 for a while; mailer on E just installed.)

- HOWEVER, machine E mailer log says it is being dialed by
"12025474179", rather than the normal recognition by name, i.e.,

- Mail sitting on E for athena does not get picked up when athena dials
in (consistent with previous point I guess).

- If machine E mails to pan@athena.pangaro.dialnet.symbolics.com, it
tries to dial out fine, meaning it recognizes athena and knows the
phonenumber for athena (but because of oddities with the PBX where E is,
we cant confirm the phone number it is dialing).

We have looked at all the dialnet files more than once; we have double
checked various namespace entries. We are probably doing something
wrong, or *had done* something wrong and state is being kept somewhere,
despite cold boots and such. I was hoping for someone who could say
where to look specifically. Anyone with more patience to reply is most