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Lisp stopped itself...

The situation:
On about the fifth time I have booted this machine (a 3650 with FPA,
736 Meg CDC drive, running Genera 7.1), I have come up against an error which
will not allow Lisp to run.
(the numbers 1>, 2>, 3> below are my markers only)

  hello (hello.boot) seems to perform properly, as it reports:
  Scan Fep0:>G206-loaders.flod
  Scan Fep0:>G206-lisp.flod
  Scan Fep0:>G206-info.flod
  Scan Fep0:>G206-debug.flod.
  boot (boot.boot.2) seems to proceed the same as when it *did* work before:
  Declare Paging Files FEP0:>PAGE.PAGE.1 FEP0:>aux.page.1
  Load Microcode FEP0:>3650-fpa-mic.mic.415
     (reports memory check, no apparent memory problems)
  Load World FEP0:>genera-7-1-5-combo.load.1
     (reports required microcode 415, actual 415)
  Enable IDS
  Set Chaos-address 401

  At this point the first time I booted (weeks ago) the machine just
  went all the way to the Lisp command prompt, and I was able to test run
  anything (and I did).
  The second couple of times, (over a few week period), the following error
   message would come back:
  Lisp stopped itself.
  Halt reason ("Disk Error ~D, operation ~D, ~
  <211><211><211> Unit ~D, cylinder ~D, head ~D, sector ~D,
         continue to retry." " %DISK-ERROR-SEARCH 11(8) 0(8) 2402(8) 21(8))

- typing "continue" at this point would cause the machine to go ahead and
  boot lisp as before.

- today I booted the the distribution world (boot.boot.2) instead of the
  incremental world (boot.boot) which loaded the world descibed in 2> above,
  and I proceeded to do a Set Site. This proceeded to the "What is the local
  time zone" query, and *bang*, back to the error message in 3> above.
- but typing "continue" brought it back to the Set Site procedure, and
  brought the query about standalone site, which I answered "Y" to, and
  the machine did some stuff, reporting the namespace file being written
  down in the bottom right corner of the screen, but while it was happening
  *bang*, back to the error message in 3> above. Typing "continue" at this
  point froze everything. I waited about 5 minutes, to see if anything would
  change, and seeing it didn't, I did a reset with the key on the 3650 box.

- all subsequent attempts to boot (with either the incremental world or the
  distribution world) proceed smoothly up to the Start command, which blinks
  the screen a bit as before, and then goes to the error message in 3> above.

- typing "continue" as above, (4 tries) gives the same error as 3>, but then
returns the message (on the fifth "continue"):

  Lisp stopped itself.
  Halt reason ("Wired-wait timeout, predicate ~S false for over ~D. ms."
              <DTP-6 36647> 72460(8))

- so I tried Start again, which did error message 3> again, and Start
  again, which brought the error message

  >Emergency breakpoint Last chance: Lisp not initialized! Type <RETURN> to

- this left the cursor blinking a few lines down, and everthing else frozen.

- So now everthing works the very same up to error message 3>.
- other FEP commands seem to work as described in the manuals.

- The only tapes I have for this machine are:
  Symbolics Graphics Combo 3.1 (S-Group software) (Distribution Format)
  Symbolics IP/TCP 4.1 Version 52.16
  Symbolics LGP2 Printer support 2.0  (Distribution Format)
  and a couple of backup tapes done by the previous owner (I don't know if
  they were done from Lisp or the FEP, probably Lisp...)

- I am about to upgrade the software to the current versions, (I'm working
  it out with Mike Western at Symbolics in Seattle) but in the
  meantime, can anyone shed some light on the problem? It seems more like
  a hardware problem to me, that ~D for everthing in the error message seems
  a bit strange (it was the day *after* friday the 13th!) and Hex "D" being
  13 is darn scary! :) :<

Oh Gods of Great Lisp Machines, shine your light on mine!

Thanks for any help folks.
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