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a printer problem

subject: a printer problem

Dear Slug,

     I am new in this list, and new in working with Symbolics,  so
please correct me if I can not find the proper wording:

     We have bought  an old, stand-alone  3620 running Genera  7.2
from Austria recently.  We do not know people at the previous site
of the machine and are  in no connection with Symbolics'  costumer
services up  to now  (but we  want to  be, as  soon as possible!).
We have just bought and installed ART 3.2.

     The first problem we met is as follows (sorry for being vague
but I do not know the system in the proper depth and detail):  The
world we have usually booted contains a print spooler system  that
works properly.  However, when booting the new world with ART  (an
incremental disk save, generated on top of the previous one),  any
attempt to make  a hardcopy on  our lgp2 kills  the system in  the
following  way:  When  attempting  to  print  sg, the printer gets
stuck, seen by peek as  "serial unit locked".  Having entered  the
debugger and typed in s-C for detaching and resetting the printer,
lisp stops itself by double-bit  error.  This abort recurs at  any
time.  If  after cold  boot, we  try to  load a  new print spooler
system, the above situation does not change.

     ART people have told us that  they do not want to access  the
printer in any way, and this  seems to be a problem related  to an
attempt of multiple access  to a sw lock.   So we have tried  with
another new  world on  top of  the original  (without ART) and the
problem survives.

     Could anybody  help?  If  not contrary  to the  customs here,
please send messages directly to  my address, since access to  the
slug list  through bitnet  is a  bit tedious  for me.   I would be
pleased to make a summary to the answers for the slug-list.

Many thanks in advance
A. Markus
Computer and Automation Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
Budapest, Hungary.
N.B.: I hope ours is the very first Symbolics on this part of
the world!

Preferred mail addres: h133mar.ella.hu (or
h133mar.ella.uucp) Another address: ib21kmar.huearn.bitnet