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Lisp stopped itself (followup)

To follow up on a few suggestions given in reply to my plea for help (thanks
for the suggestions Rich and John, but no luck so far)...
I realize I should probably not have paraphrased the proceedings leading up to
the errors, and if anyone can help me (better) with a transcription of the full
boot procedure leading up to the error, I now have it and can post it.
   The numbers returned with the error message are exactly the same every time
Lisp stops itself:
Lisp stopped itself.
Halt reason: (Disk Error ~D, operation ~D, ~
<211><211><211> unit ~D cylinder ~D head ~D sector ~D, continue to retry.
%DISK-ERROR-SEARCH" 11(8) 0(8) 2402(8) 7(8) 21(8)
According to the docs it can be caused by an improperly formatted track being
referenced, or if the disk address is invalid, or if the disk selected the
wrong track.
   If anyone has seen this error (or even if you haven't), any suggestions as
to how to get around this would be appreciated immeasurably. It seems that if I
could get into lisp, it could be repaired...
   I did try reseating the boards in the 3650 (I didn't have any gold-guard
though), but no change.
   Also of note is that I have another 3650 that may be available for parts (at
least temporarily), but it has hard drive problems too :( Oh for a SCSI
interface and a 3.5" half height 520Megger about now :)
Thanks for listening...
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