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NFS write from emacs (on an SGI) to lispm hangs-up forever

Any clue as to what is happening and a way of getting around it, sluggers?
Sun to symbolics works fine.

  Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1991 16:53-0400
  From: "Thomas G. Zullinger" <Tomzul@sapsucker.scrc.symbolics.com>
  Subject: NFS write form emacs to LIspm hangs-up forever
  To: aboulanger@BBN.COM, Bug-Lispm@BBN.COM, 
  In-Reply-To: <19910823161211.1.FILE-SERVER@CONGER.bbn.com>

  First of all am I to assume that communication between your Sun's and
  Symbolics works. If this is so then your problem appears to be with the
  Silicon Graphics. This could be either System V related or possible
  hardware. I would suspect the problem really is System V related.
  You could try looking for differences in related to this problem
  between Sun OS and System V. I really do not have any good answers for
  you. Since your Symbolics works with your Sun's and that is all we
  support I really do not know how I can help you now.
  Support for System V interface is not currently available. You could
  try SLUG for help.   
  If you have any additional information let me know.

  Tom Zullinger