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NFS write from emacs (on an SGI) to lispm hangs-up forever

   Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1991 11:10-0400
   From: Kalman Reti <Reti@stony-brook.scrc.symbolics.com>

       Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1991 19:11 EDT
       From: aboulang@BBN.COM

       Any clue as to what is happening and a way of getting around it, sluggers?
       Sun to symbolics works fine.
   [Not being on customer-reports I didn't see any of the prior communication
   on this subject.]

   You can find out about the state of the file on the Lispm using various
   tools (Peek F being one of the easiest) and perhaps deduce what the
   Silicon Graphics device is waiting for.  It is also reasonably trivial
   to trace the NFS requests coming in and out (again on the Lispm end, this
   would be VERY hard on the SGI end) to see what the Silicon Graphics was
   doing recently.  Also, you could check to see if the server process for
   the SGI was in some sort of funny state or waiting for something on the
   Lispm end (not very likely).

   Internally within Symbolics we do have several different SGI boxes that
   we communicate to without problems that I know of.  (Of course, I couldn't
   swear that our hardware/software/network configuration exactly matched
   yours since I don't know what yours is.)

I did this in my original bug report which I failed to keep around. It
(the lisp side) is hanging up in the state "Truncate File" as viewed
from the peek display. One can reset the process (lisp side) and
things finish ok. Note that normal file operations work ok (they seem
to be slower than from a Sun box however) -- it is only writing from
EMACS that hangs up.  I saw a message describing a problem like this
come over SLUG a couple of months ago. (Where are the archives kept by
the way?)

Albert Boulanger