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NFS write from emacs (on an SGI) to lispm hangs-up forever

    Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1991 14:57 EDT
    From: aboulang@BBN.COM

    I did this in my original bug report which I failed to keep around. It
    (the lisp side) is hanging up in the state "Truncate File" as viewed
    from the peek display. One can reset the process (lisp side) and
    things finish ok. Note that normal file operations work ok (they seem
    to be slower than from a Sun box however) -- it is only writing from
    EMACS that hangs up.  I saw a message describing a problem like this
    come over SLUG a couple of months ago. (Where are the archives kept by
    the way?)

If it's hanging in "Truncate File", the problem is that it's been asked
to zero a file that another process currently has open for output.  It
keeps trying every second for ten minutes, and then it gives up.

You can find out what file it's hanging on by putting the server into
the debugger, and looking for the stack frame for (DEFUN-IN-FLAVOR
The first real argument to this will be the pathname that it's trying to