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Any 3650/Fujitsu Eagle users out there?

    Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1991 03:38-0000
    From: nick@ZERMATT.lcs.mit.edu

    > When we upgraded our file server here from a 3600 to a 3650 four years
    > ago, we were told that 3650's don't support Eagles.

	    Strictly speaking, I suppose this is true; I don't think
    Symbolics *wants* to support this configuration.  Nevertheless, it has
    been done - our server, Zermatt, is a 3650 humming happily with 6 eagles
    and a special 8X16 FEPIO board.

	    I'm not sure what the details of the mod are, but Symbolics
    Maintenance does seem to cover it.  We once had a new rep who didn't
    know the board was special and swapped it with a normal one ...  It ran
    just fine, we just wouldn't have been able to format new drives.  

? The normal SLB SMD IO board has only 2 disk slots. How did you manage
to connect 6 on a "Normal" board?

	    Typing in the bad block list for a new drive is hellish.

Try using an OCR on your Mac to move the numbers to ascii, then transfer
to zwei and double check.


			    - nick