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Any 3650/Fujitsu Eagle users out there?

> ? The normal SLB SMD IO board has only 2 disk slots. How did you manage
> to connect 6 on a "Normal" board?

	The drives are actually connected to a symbolics "aux disk
paddle card", dated 1983.  Although the card has connectors which make
it appear that it could be mounted in the backplane like the other
paddle cards, it's actually mounted outboard with its own power supply.
This configuration was set up before I arrived, and I heard several
horror stories about what it took to get it running satisfactorily.

> > 	    Typing in the bad block list for a new drive is hellish.
> Try using an OCR on your Mac to move the numbers to ascii, then transfer
> to zwei and double check.

	Funny you should mention that, it's exactly what I wanted to do.
Unfortunately, the OCR didn't like fujitsu's dot-matrix, even after
running it through a photocopier to try and darken it.  To be flatly
honest, I've not yet seen the OCR software that was faster than having a
good typist re-do the material.  I happen to be a wretched typist, so
for me it's sometimes worth scanning and proofing.  But given the nature
of proofing columns of numbers, and the fact that the OCR was doing much
worse than usual, retyping seemed the better deal.  You use two people,
one of whom reads the numbers and the other of whom types 'em.  Ask for
hazard pay.


		- nick