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Genera 8.1 questions

I realize that this is probably more appropriate for the customer
support line, but I'd kinda like to get this done tonight if someone

(1) After installing Genera 8.1, I notice that when I ftp from
    a sun to the symbolics, I get:

    ftp <symbolics>
    Connected to <symbolics>
    421 FTP permission denied to <sun-host>

    Okay, I'm sure I've got something inappropriately configured.
    any hints as to what?

(2) The X users guide says that the "genera" unix program can be
    used to startup the UX boards, but can it also be used to
    initiate a "Start X Screen" on a 3600?


dan haug
Internet: haug@austin.lockheed.com
UUCP:     ut-emx!lad-shrike!aihaug
Phone:    (512) 386-4634