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Postscript to bitmap

   Date: 20 Sep 91 11:28:23
   From: Raj_Dodhiawala@pluto.ctc.fmc.com (Raj Dodhiawala)

   I am looking for some code that will take a postscript file and write out a
   bitmap which can then be displayed on the screen (LispM or Sun or PC!).  Any
   suggestions on what's available out there, fragments of code that do something
   similar, or such.  Any hidden feature in 8.0 or CLIM that will help me do this?

Concordia, Symbolics's documentation-writing software, includes a
Postscript previewer.

If you run the Symbolics X server (if you're still running Genera 8.0
you'll have to buy it, but it's bundled with 8.1), you could get the
publicly-available program Ghostscript, which is a free Postscript
interpreter that can display on an X window.