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Re: Sockets (?) on Symbolics to PC connection ?

In message entitled "Sockets (?) on Symbolics to PC connection ?" on Sep 19, you write:
>     I am in the process of trying to network a PC with a Symbolics.
>     Unfortunately, I don't know much about TCP/IP (or networking), but
>     a friend who is handling the PC end has asked how I will set up the
>     symbolics so that it will work with the following parameters:
>       Solicited or Unsolicited
> Solicited or unsolicited what?  If this refers to ARP, Genera doesn't
> send unsolicited ARP responses.
>       Protocol family wil be TCP/IP internet (AF_INET)
>       Type of transfers for the sockets will be stream (SOCK_STREAM)
>       Messages will be in ASCII format
> What messages?  Genera uses whatever format is appropriate for the
> application protocol in use.  In the case of protocols that support
> multiple character sets (e.g. FTP) it uses ASCII.
>     If someone could tell me how to do this, or point me in the right 
>     direction regarding documentation/manuals, I would *greatly* 
>     appreciate it.
> There's very little configuration you have to do for Genera TCP/IP.
> Just load the IP-TCP system.  If you also want the Lispm to be a mail
> server, load the Mailer system.
> See the "Bundled Network Products" manual for more information on
> configuring the namespace for use with TCP/IP.
>                                                 barmar

Let me rephrase or add to my original questions...

I have already, successfully loaded IP/TCP on the symbolics machine.
I have no difficulty in file transfers (via copy or ftp) or remote
logins.  My question is how do I write (or are there examples of)
functions that will send and receive packets of information from/to
programs/applications running on a symbolics and a PC.

The Ethernet that they are both on is a local net, with no outside


     - R. B. Evans -