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Remote Screen w/X-terminals

(1) Thanks for the replies on my Genera 8.1 questions, and yes,
    my problem was the secure subnets.

(2) I've been using the X-Remote-Screen facility on my 3640, running
    the display on an X terminal.  But, I can't seem to do very
    much work before the process enters the debugger on pixmap
    alloc errors, which I assume is because the x terminal is running
    out of memory.  These terminals have 6Mbytes of memory, and I
    typically have a few (e.g. 6) xterms/emacs/... windows up.
    So, my questions are:
    (a) has anyone else been running successfully using x terminals
        for x-remote-screen, and
    (b) is there anything I can do to configure the remote-screen
        facility to not allocate so much pixmap space?

thanks again

dan haug
Internet: haug@austin.lockheed.com
UUCP:     ut-emx!lad-shrike!aihaug
Phone:    (512) 386-4634