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Re: MIPS rate (a resend)

Raw MIPS numbers don't mean much when comparing machines with very different 
architectures, you need to compare performance on applications that interest 
you.  Use Gabriel benchmark figures, and multiply by whatever Gabriel-to-MIPS 
conversion factor you feel produces the results you want.  For instance if an
authoritative source has told you that machine X is a 7.5 MIPS machine, and
the geometric mean of the time for the half dozen principal Gabriels on 
machine X is 4.1, then use a conversion factor of (/ 7.5 (/ 1 4.1)) = 30.75.  
If machine Y does the Gabriels in 3.5 seconds, it's a (/ 30.75 3.5) = 8.8 MIPS 

I am sure there are other methods of calculation which will produce wildly 
different results.  Don't use the 30.75 conversion factor I quoted above, I
made it up out of air and smoke.  Calibrate it yourself.