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Hardware maintenance by other than Symbolics

Do any of the SLUG readers have hardware maintenance for their Symbolics
machines by organizations other than Symbolics.  (I am not asking about self
maintenance or shared maintenance (with Symbolics).)

As we have government contracts we have to put our maintenance contract
out for bid.  We have at least one non-Symbolics response and so I am
interested in other people's experiences.  Since we've had Symbolics
maintenance for years, I feel I am qualified to judge their performance
at our site but I do need to know about any other vendors the SLUG
readership has used or are using.   I definitely want any comments good,
bad, or indifferent.  (Indifferent messages indicate that the company
has clients.)  

So if you've been using a non-Symbolics vendor of hardware maintenance
for Symbolics machines, please send me a quick note with your
impressions.  If you want to compose a more thorough note, fine, but I'd
rather get a quick note now so if you become too busy and don't send the
complete note, I will have at least some indication of how it has been.

Please send your messages to just me (Tyson@AI.SRI.COM) and I will summarize
the responses to the whole list.  If you wish, please note that you do not
want your message rebroadcast to the whole list.

Mabry Tyson