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McIvory Floppy eject...

    Date: Tue, 1 Oct 1991 18:53 PDT
    From: kanna%thingol.uta.edu@RICEVM1.RICE.EDU (Kanna Rajan)

	    Does anyone out there have any code for cleanly ejecting a
	    floppy from a McIvory.  I'm running Genera 6.0+ and have no
	    access to the Mac toolbox manuals.  Would appreciate any
	    pointers, to my mail address since I don't subscribe to this


    -Kanna Rajan
     American Airlines AI Grp.

The Genera release for a MacIvory would be 7.4 or greater, perhaps 6.0+ is your MACOS release?
(MTB:_DISKEJECT DRVNUM) works on my system.  DRVNUM is 1 if you just have one floppy. 
MTB stands for Macintosh ToolBox.