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Copy file :Mode Macintosh

I have written some LISP code on a MacIvory to generate a data file for an application we are
running on the Macintosh side of the Macivory.  Currently I am copying the file as a binary file
to the Macintosh file system, and editing the owner and type using a disk editing utility so
that the Mac application recognises it as one of its documents.  I would like to be able to
automate this process by copying the LMFS data file to the Macintosh side using the :mode
Macintosh option on Copy File.  Naturally I would have to generate the appropriate 128 byte
header on the LMFS file that gets converted when the file is copied  to the Mac side.  Does
anybody know off-hand what the format of this header is or where I could find the information ?

Thanks, Steve