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Network RPC

   Date: Fri, 4 Oct 91 15:48:31 CDT
   From: rodney@hsvaic.boeing.com (Rodney Daughtrey)

   I'm trying to install NFS on our 36xx machines so that we may use a
   loaded Sun as a file server for our Symbolics machines.  On page 54 of
   the "Genera 8.1 Bundled Network Products Documentation" book, under
   "3.2 Configuring Your System To Load Symbolics NFS", it says that I
   need to "first load the Network RPC and then load the NFS Client."
   When I tried 

   :Load System "Network RPC"

Try ":Load System network-rpc".  Until the system is loaded, the "pretty"
name isn't recognized.  The name you specify is used to find the .SYSTEM
file in SYS:SITE;, and spaces aren't permitted in logical pathnames.