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Network RPC

    Date: Fri, 4 Oct 1991 16:48 EDT
    From: rodney@hsvaic.boeing.com (Rodney Daughtrey)

    I'm trying to install NFS on our 36xx machines so that we may use a
    loaded Sun as a file server for our Symbolics machines.  
					...  But "Network 
    RPC" was not listed in the systems available for loading.

    So...where is this system?  Is it a component system?  What am I doing
    wrong?  Any ideas?

    -- Rodney

You mean they wanted to tell you literally what to do????
Where's the fun in that? :>

Actually, it's called just plain old RPC.
And btw, NFS-CLIENT is tucked away inside NFS-SERVER (on the tape) ---
the system you want _is_ called NFS-CLIENT, though.

You get much better clues from the Software Installation Guide.  On p.219 is a
section on "Storing Genera Sources on a UNIX..."  
Make sure that SYS:EMBEDDED; gets translated onto your lispm too, the
docs missed that one in one place.