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We use now 3 UX boards in our Sun (1 UX400, 2 UX1200) in a shared  
environment of X-servers (Suns + NeXT) among some staff people and a  
couple of students. Therefore it happens quiet often that an UX  
console has to be transfered to another user. We made the experience  
that this can be done safely ONLY if you first "Halt Machine", and  
then "shutdown" the FEP. Otherwise you have to kill as superuser the  
4 ivory-life processes for this board and restart them from scratch.  
This is very very nasty because it requires a superuser privilege and  
it can cause total system breakdowns of the Sun when you start the  
ivory-life process again. We contacted our Symbolics service about  
this problem and they said to us this is a known hardware problem.  
They changed an UX-board and everything seemed to be OK. Now I  
encountered the breakdown problem with another board. The curious  
thing about this is that it doesn't happen every time but only  

Another common problem is the warning "F_SETLCK: No more record locks  
available" if you start your genera process. It happens during  
locking the /etc/ivory<n>.pid file which contains the actual genera  
console process number for locking against simultaneous access. As we  
got no staifying answer for this problem from our service we simply  
killed the file and the genera process started (after printing a  
warning about the absence of locking).
Any ideas?

PS: if somebody's interested in a patch of Genera 8 in order to  
support the NeXT as X-server (with co-Xist or XNeXT as server) please  
mail to me. 

Bernd Wild

Bernd Wild                                       

Forschungszentrum Informatik FZI
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D-7500 Karlsruhe GERMANY 

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