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    Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1991 15:10 EDT
    From: Dave@phoenix.sch.symbolics.com (David A. Bentzen)

	Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1991 11:28 PDT
	From: readingj@CERF.NET (John D. Reading)

	... Anybody else care to share their record for uptime?

1    METHUSELAH               30 weeks 2 hours 40 minutes 50 seconds

0    Well it seems that Methuselah lives up to his name!  This cooresponds to
    the last power outage that we had here at Chatsworth.  One of the girls
    here uses this machine on a regular basis.  

Well, that just beats my record of 28 weeks 6 days 20 hours 40 minutes
6 seconds from 19 February to 10 September of this year.  I was shut
down because of an A/C failure in our machine room.
		- Pat