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Re: 3650 HD repair

    Date: Tue, 22 Oct 1991 12:03 PDT
    From: Scott_Busse%mindlink.bc.ca@Warbucks.ai.sri.com (Scott Busse)

    Back in the land of Symbolics!

    I was blessed with a visit from Mike Western of Symbolics (Seattle)
    yesterday, and he coaxed my 3650 back into running order (under
    Genera 7.2), from the previous hard drive crash a while back.
       The problem seemed to be a substantial mess of errors that all
    occurred on the same surface (surface 7). The main problem was that
    many of those errors were in the world file, which prevented it from
    booting up Lisp. There was liberal application of (si:fix-fep-file),
    which ultimately got most everything back (I still haven't gone at
    the LMFS files yet, but will tonight), but a few errors came up that
    were not totally resolved...

    So I'm wondering if anyone has encountered these errors, and has any
    ideas for me to pursue. Note that for the few hours that I used the
    machine last night, everything worked ok. I am going to attemp to
    (si:fix-fep-file) and delete the existing LMFS files, and replace
    them with new ones some time today/tonight. Any precautions or
    insights are always appreciated.

Say "Hi!" to Mike for us!

If you got a "mess of errors" on surface 7, then you most likely had a
head crash.  This means you probably have oxide floating around on that
platter.  Over time it will move and contaminate other areas of that
platter and will I presume it may move to other platters.  Your disk is
trashed although you may get some short term use out of it.  If you can
find a way to replace that disk, you will save yourself hassles in the
long run.