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over a billion consed

Here's one more amazing piece of old data that RWG dredged up.
I guess we passed the "billions consed" mark about 6.5 years ago.
Note especially the EGC generation number and the cons, reclamation,
and transport statistics in the last paragraph.

-----Forwarded Message Excerpt Follows-----
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1991 02:41 EDT
From: Bill Gosper <rwg@RUSSIAN.SPA.Symbolics.COM>
Also, from a file written 11 Apr 85:

Status of the ephemeral garbage collector:                  On
First level of WORKING-STORAGE-AREA: capacity 196K, 784K allocated, 553K used.
Second level of WORKING-STORAGE-AREA: capacity 98K, 224K allocated, 41K used.

Status of the dynamic garbage collector:                    On
Dynamic (new+copy) space 11,656,077.  Old space 357,611.  Static space 8,824,526.
Minimum scavenging remaining 0, maximum possible 0.
Free space 29,622,272 (of which 0 might be needed for copying).

Garbage collector process state: Await Scavenge
The scavenger is busy finding old objects that are still in use and transporting
them.  Currently it is finding ephemeral objects referenced by pages in main memory.
Scavenging during cons: On, Scavenging when machine idle: On
The GC generation count is 3818 (1 full GC, 1 dynamic GC, and 3816 ephemeral GC's).
Since cold boot 1,094,360,083 words have been consed, 1,080,332,448 words of garbage have
been reclaimed (at most 332,914 words of garbage might be reclaimed during 
this GC), and 77,495,739 words of non-garbage have been transported.
The total "scavenger work" required to accomplish this was 4,250,329,346 units.
Evaluate (CHOOSE-GC-PARAMETERS) to examine or modify the GC parameters.