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Re: Academic Holiday Specials

As a commercial client who cannot justify concordia, statice, or joshua's
>$10M price for a single license and who agrees that single licenses are only
useful if you only have a single machine,  I'd like to see Symbolics price
their software more comparably to weaker but competitive products: thus about
$1500/license for each product (compare to FrameMaker and commercial kbs unix
products).  Statice should not compare to Oracle until Statice is portable:
i.e., can be used under CLOS, CLtLII from any CL vendor.

Symbolics would make a great software vendor if they'd be willing to make each
of these products more robust, priced comparably to the above, and portable to
all CommonLisp environments.   Even better, if concordia would offer a non-CL
portable environment, I might be able to get our FrameMaker users interested
enough to make my use not seem so counter to open systems philosophies.

Don Mitchell			dmitchell@trc.amoco.com
Amoco Production Company	(918) 660-4270
Tulsa Research Center
P.O. Box 3385, Tulsa, OK 74102