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Academic Holiday Specials

In response to Richard's laments....

    Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1991 12:27 EDT
    From: GRoberts@YUKON.SCRC.Symbolics.COM (Gary Roberts)

    As a way of introducing our Academic customers to the new MacIvory model
    3, Symbolics is pleased to announce the following special prices.  These
    prices are available to U.S. Academic institutions (subject to
    restrictions on resale) through Dec 27, 1991.

    MacIvory model 3 processor with 2 MW memory, Ivory rev. 4 processor,
	    Genera Development software package including CLIM, CLOS, etc.

	    Quantity 1:         $7,500
	    Quantity 2 or more: $5,000

Normal Academic pricing is $8,500 for quantities 1 to 3.

We will throw in a Radius monochrome monitor w/controller, plus 320 MB
disk drive, for an extra $5K on top of the MacIvory model 3 special

    Statice Object-oriented database development system

	    Single system license:	$500
	    Site license:		$2,000

    Joshua development system

	    Single system license:	$500
	    Site license:		$2,000

    Concordia hypertext document management system

	    Single system license:	$500
	    Site license:		$2,000

    CLOE MS-DOS Cross-Development system

	    Single system license:	$500
	    Site license:		$2,000

For the period of this offer, U. S. Academics can get site licenses for
any three of these packages for $4500, all four for $5K.

    To take advantage of this offer, contact your local Symbolics sales
    office.  Alternatively, respond directly to this e-mail message with
    your name, address, organization, and phone number, and a sales
    representative will contact you.

Respond to me directly if you want to take advantage of any of these
additions (our sales folks haven't heard about 'em yet).