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academic holiday specials

    Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1991 19:45-0000
    From: attila@breeze.bellcore.com

    In article <1991Oct24.201139.2103@ALEX.ims.bellcore.com>  GRoberts@yukon.scrc.symbolics.com (Gary Roberts) writes:
    > As a way of introducing our Academic customers to the new MacIvory model
    > 3, Symbolics is pleased to announce the following special prices.  These
    > prices are available to U.S. Academic institutions (subject to
    > restrictions on resale) through Dec 27, 1991 (after which they revert to
    > regular Academic prices, which are a bit higher). 
    > MacIvory model 3 processor with 2 MW memory, Ivory rev. 4 processor,
    > 	Genera Development software package including CLIM, CLOS, etc.
    > 	Quantity 1:         $7,500
    > 	Quantity 2 or more: $5,000

    I haven't read this group in a long time.  Still using lispms though...
    So the first time I look, lo and behold, prices are on the agenda.
    And, there are the usual complaints....

    So, to put the prices in perspective: we paid $50,000 for a Statice site
    license.  [Yes I got all the zeros correct.]  The price was 15,000 for a
    single user copy of Joshua.  Mind you, this was 2 years ago.

    Comparing the 50,000 to 2,000 dollars, the academics get a 96% discount.
    Well, I would say this is SPECTACULAR.  Symbolics deserves a big thank

Here, here.

I am mailing from my customer's MacIvory II. He bought two Ivory
boards, paying a sum for each that makes the $5000 MacIvory III tab
above look like approximately 95% discount also.

These are much slower and had none of the Release 8.1 bundled

Here in the UK, academia (I believe) gets no help or tax
concessions for computer aquisitions.

I personally know very many people who would dearly love to get
access to a MacIvory - anyhow, ever. Many like me would look to
their personal bank for the funds if the price was $5000.  The
price here is completely out of sight for all save a few massive
organisations who somehow do not notice the sums involved (like the
government, oil majors, ...).

Needless to say, there are no more than a handful of university
students who have or will ever see Genera in the UK.

Your grass looks very green from here.