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Genlocking a color 3650

When I was unable to get the 3650 to sync up to the house sync, I had a look
inside the bulkhead to see where the "sync in" BNC jack led to. As it turns
out, it was not connected to anything. The machine has a hi-res chroma paddle,
genlock board, a framegrabber and 3 color memory boards. I noticed that the
genlock board has nothing attached to it at all, and I'm wondering if the sync
in jack on the bulkhead should be attached to this board. There are 4 BNCs on
the back of the genlock board, I'm assuming they are (from top down) Red, Grn,
Blu and Sync. I also noted a terminator jumper by the supposed sync in.
  So, can anyone tell me where the sync in on the bulkhead should be attached
to? Can you also suggest any other things I need to set up in order to sync to
an external sync generator or black burst? I'm outputting to a Lenco color
encoder, BTW. I read in the color system manual that when feeding to an
encoder, the sync out should not be on the green signal. (send
color:color-screen :put-sync-on-video) does return T, so what should I do to
toggle that? I tried a few shots like (send color:color-screen
:take-sync-off-video) and a few other longshots, but no go :) The sync program
in use is sync program TV:GENLOCKED-SYNC-NTSC 56907306, according to (send
color:color screen :sync program).
  Any help, as always, makes my life wonderful!
(BTW, I didn't pull the genlock board to check the pal version, but I will if
necessary...)  Thanks!
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