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Ivory III in Quadras?

Putting and Ivory III in the new Mac Quadra 700 would be 
interesting because it has built-in ethernet so there
would be no slot needed for that.  It also has a bunch
of VRAM for video, so no card needed there either.
My impression is that Symbolics has the Ivory working
in a Quadra 900.  The 700 would be a slick package and
I'm waiting to here whether we'll be seeing an Ivory
board working in that.  I realize that the 700 and 900
aren't much faster than an FX, but they're certainly 
faster than the CX and CI and rumor says they'll be
significant upgrades to 700 and 900 in the Spring.
If Symbolics will support disks that use the SCSI 2 bus
then we can get some faster paging too. (did I spell SCSI
right?).  Our biggest performance challenge is CLIM and
since we'd like to deliver on plain macs, it would be
quite a development package to have both machines sitting
there!  700 will go to 20MB RAM with regular SIMMs and
to much more with bigger SIMMs, so that won't be a problem
on the Mac side.  But I ramble.....

bob futrelle

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