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Re: scl:ignore-errors behavior in 7.2

In article <1991Nov1.111401.7765@cs.uoregon.edu> you write:
>Does not seem to return multiple values in case of no error;
>and if there is an error, the second value is T, not the
>error condition.
>Is there a way I can achieve this functionality (short of
>rel 8).

My first instinct is to ask why you are using ignore-errors if you
don't actually want to ignore errors?  (Come to think of it, why is
ignore-errors in the language at all?  Seems like it's so trivial to
implement it's not even worth it.)  But anyway, something like this
should work:

(defmacro my-ignore-errors (&body body)
	`(condition-case (e)
		(values (progn ,@body))
	    (values nil e))))

I don't have a lispm to try this on, so I might've made a typo or
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