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I think most people found this to be a useful conference, and there was
considerable interest in a LUV'92.

The vendors found this conference particularly interesting, and as a result of
being pushed together formed a "joint vendor marketing board" which is yet to
have an official name, but who will be making a press release within 60 days
of the conference end.

Along a related line, Lucid, Franz, Harlequin, and Symbolics announced a
code-sharing agreement in the development of CLIM. That is, to make sure that
their seperate implementations remain compatable, they will be sharing their
sources amongst each other on a weekly basis. This is great news for the user
community because it is (a) non-trivial evidence that the lisp vendors will
cooperate for our (and their) good and (b) becasue it means CLIM will be a
very solid defacto standard for Common Lisp.

Finally, the Symbolics Lisp Users Group is going to attempt to change its name
to the Association of Lisp Users (ALU) and to change its charter to reflect a
mission to work to further the interests of the entire lisp user community.

This is just a summary. There were very useful sessions, poster sessions,
Birds-of-a-Feather meetings, and demos, which I won't attempt to summarize
here. And the tutorials, including Robert Kerns "Macrology" tutorial which was
given free on Friday afternoon, got good attendence and reviews.