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strange Genera bug on Symbolics machine

	I have this really strange bug showing up under the latest Genera
from Symbolics. We are modifying the behaviour ofthe function 
 fs::get-user-id-and-password. We have the source, made some changes and
put the new definition in a file called "hack-password.lisp". We
compiled the file. We then rebooted the machine, loaded a number of
files, including hack-password.bin.newest and saved the world. When
we load this world (ie boot the machine) the altered form of 
fs::get-user-id-and-password does not seem to take. However, if
after we boot the machine we do a (describe 'fs::get-user-id-and-password),
the new version takes effect. 

	What is going on?!!!! I've seen wierd behaviour on these machines
before, but this is just plain broken. Is there a fix? I have tried loading
the binary again from within a lispm-init.lisp file. Same thing happens.
However, if I'm logged in and then load the binary file or describe the
symbol from the lisp listener, the new function definition takes effect.

							Paul H