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Quick question:

I took my code that was running on a 3650 under 8.0.1 and tried it on a
MacIvory running 8.1.1.  Mostly it worked great -- about a 4x speedup.
I did run into two minor problems:

1) (graphics:draw-glyph (char-code #\A) fonts:mouse 
	x (- y #.(tv:font-char-height fonts:mouse))
	:stream window)
now puts the character up in the air but
   (graphics:draw-glyph (char-code #\A) fonts:mouse 
	x (+ y #.(tv:font-char-height fonts:mouse))
	:stream window)
puts the baseline where I want it.  The sign of
(tv:font-char-height fonts:mouse) hasn't changed, so apparently
graphics:draw-glyph has changed.  (The font is one I customized back in
version 6 days.)  Is this change due to the MacIvory (in which case I
can use #+imach) or due to 8.1 (in which case ??)?

2) I also noticed that my diagrams, drawn on a pane defined as a flavor
of tv:window-pane with :save-bits t (version 6 stuff), gets wiped out by
the Mac screen saver.  Anything easy I can do (other than bringing my
code into the 1990's)?  (I already thought of turning off the screen

Thanks for your help.

-Bill Long