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Re: [not about] draw-glyph

> Date: Fri, 15 Nov 91 12:00 EST
> From: WJL@ZERMATT.lcs.mit.edu (Bill Long)
> ...
> 2) I also noticed that my diagrams, drawn on a pane defined as a flavor
> of tv:window-pane with :save-bits t (version 6 stuff), gets wiped out by
> the Mac screen saver.  Anything easy I can do (other than bringing my
> code into the 1990's)?  (I already thought of turning off the screen
> saver.)

Most Macintosh screen savers don't save the screen, but scribble over it
and then request the application to redraw (refresh it) when the screen
saver is done.

Dynamic windows know how to refresh themselves when requested.  If you
can't easily change your window flavor to a dynamic window, you'll need
to add a method to do the refreshing yourself.  I forget whether :refresh,
refresh-rectangle, or something else is the operation.