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Symbolics<->Sun Lucid connection?

   Date: Thu, 14 Nov 91 13:10:24 EST
   From: tallis@starbase.MITRE.ORG (Hans Tallis)

   I want to get lisp systems on two machines talking to each other (sending a
   string of characters is enough; one machine blocks on a wait until the other
   sends).  One machine is a Symbolics; the other, a Sun/Lucid. Is there a
   relatively painless way to do this? 

Depends on what you consider "painless".  Lucid has no built-in networking
interface; you'll have to write your own, using the foreign function
interface to call the SunOS networking interface (either sockets, TLI, or

You might want to contact Lucid and ask them for their C-to-FFI conversion
tool.  This is a Lisp program that reads C source and header files and
generates Lisp foreign function declarations.