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I am trying to help a friend with finding ways of delivering a large
Symbolics/KEE-based application on non-Symbolics platforms, eg. Unix
workstations or PCs.

I know there is a Symbolics product called CLOE, but I do not know much
more about it.  Would it be possible to buy a CLOE Runtime package and
have the KEE-application run within it? And would it be practical to do
so, I mean performance-wise?

Maybe I should tell him that he ought to re-implement his application in
C or C++ (yech!) on a Unix workstation ;-)

Any hints on what to do are appreciated.


Eyvind Ness.

 Eyvind Ness                    Internet Email: eyvind@hrp.no
 Research Scientist             Phone: +47 9 183100
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